Answering the Questions that Keep Parents Up at Night

Join childcare advocate, Florence Ann Romano, and educational champion, Joe Fatheree, as they discuss how parents can overcome the challenges in this unpredictable COVID world to help their home and children find success.

Becoming a parent is pretty incredible, but it can also be frustrating, confusing, and somewhat mystifying. All those things are true — and now add the COVID-19 pandemic into the mix. Being a modern-day parent has become downright terrifying!

With over 40 years of experience nurturing and molding the minds of children and adolescents, Florence Ann Romano and Joe Fatheree are joining forces to develop a plan for childcare success. Especially now during these difficult times, it’s important that parents and caretakers alike have a village behind them along the way. Whatever concerns you have about your kiddos, chances are this dynamic duo has experience handling your issues.

Join Florence Ann and Joe every Wednesday as they dive into the hottest topics related to childcare and education during the COVID-19 pandemic — and answer all of the questions that keep parents up at night.

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Meet Our Hosts

Joe Fatheree

Florence Ann Romano